Rib Mountain hoping to gain more kayakers and boaters with new amenities

New Kayak launch
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 7:28 PM CDT
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RIB MOUNTAIN, Wis. (WSAW) - Some may already be using Rib Mountain’s new kayak launch. Rib Mountain Superintendent of Streets and Parks Scott Turner is making it known people have a new kayak launch they can go to right by Gulliver’s.

There is a new vision for the greater area of Wausau to expand outdoor activities and Rib Mountain wants to be a part of that.

“It’s another added amenity that will help bring tourism to make this a destination to I guess, complement some of the things that are happening with the Heritage Waterway that Marathon County Parks is working on,” said Turner.

The need and want for this kayak launch was one many wanted to see. Funding wasn’t a problem.

“Rib Mountain worked with their tourism committee and set aside some funding to help pay for this infrastructure. Being that kayakers use this landing along with Rookery Park as kind of a premier area landing for kayakers and some boating,” said Turner.

Rib Mountain has more plans in store. They’re utilizing a secret island. It’s called Snake Bridge Island. Some may know about this hidden spot, but now others will, too.

“Most of Rib Mountain hadn’t even realized we had an island. People that played in the water had of course, found it. We thought if we developed a little section of it and promoted it a little more. More people would become aware,” said Parks Department Jeremy Muehlbauer and Doug Adams.

As summer moves along the usage will increase. They plan to add more amenities on Snake Bridge Island. The island isn’t just for kayakers, but bird watchers, too.

“We own an island! Did you know we owned an island?” “I didn’t know we... “We own an island!” And it faces the Rookery, so you could actually sit on this island and watch the herons and the golden eyes and all the birds that come through in the spring,” said Jeremy and Doug with a laugh.

They hope to open Snake Bridge Island sometime in June. A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new kayak launch will also be in June.