Local school is one of 15 in nation to receive prestigious grant

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Highschoolers in the Logan High School InvenTeam were awarded a $9,500 Lemelson-MIT grant .

"It was really surprising," said Logan High School Senior Paige Treakle.

"It was super, super exciting because it gives us a chance as high schoolers that we normally don't get," Treakle added.

Logan was one of just 15 schools across the nation to be awarded the Lemelson-MIT grant.

This was the first year Logan has applied for the grant, but the InvenTeam has worked on previous projects in past years, such as a desalinator in 2017.

"Every year we step up a little bit, so I think this is a bigger challenge than past projects that we've used," said Logan High School Technology and Engineering Teacher Steve Johnston.

This year, the group will create an emergency management system for prosthetic limbs.

"The entire idea of this project is we're making something technology-based that will help somebody. A prosthetic limb is applicable to many people around the country. So if we can create something that will be better than what is now on the market, that's basically our goal," said Treakle.

The end product will have a person generate their own power to supply electricity to their prosthetic, removing the need to charge the limb in a wall socket.

"They're just a great group of kids. They're highly motivated, they've got great work ethic. I sometimes feel like I ride on the shoulders of giants, and that's my students, you know, just because of the great things that they do in class," said Johnston.

Right now, InvenTeam is in the research phase of their project.

In June, the group will travel to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to present their invention.