Hello, My Name Is: Tatum Weir

Despite a busier-than-average schedule, the Gilman senior wouldn’t have it any other way
Published: May. 1, 2023 at 9:33 PM CDT
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GILMAN, Wis. (WSAW) - Tatum Weir could just be a three-sport athlete, playing volleyball, basketball and softball. It’s a hard enough task on its own. However, she doesn’t stop there.

“She’s also in archery. She’s also in FFA,” said Gilman softball head coach Brian Phelps. “She’s at every other team’s sporting event, supporting them and it’s a great role model to have for our young kids growing up.”

The Gilman senior gets up before school every morning for archery practice. From there, she goes to school before whatever season’s practice she has in the evening. In between, Weir also finds time to be president of Gilman’s FFA. Somehow, some way, she finds time for everything.

“I do have a planner,” said Weir. “I make sure I write down all the things I need to get done and I try to do my best from keeping regular high school and all the stuff I need to get done separate, but I make time for both.”

It seems like a lot to keep tabs on, but Weir wouldn’t have it any other way.

”During spring break and Christmas break, it’s hard. It gets boring,” said Weir. “I wouldn’t be able to do it without being busy all the time.”

It’s one thing to participate, but Weir excels in her play and as a leader.

“She’s just a great leader. She always knows what she’s doing,” said Gilman senior Danielle Mann. “She knows how every situation on and off the field and she knows how to bring the whole team together.”

Weir exemplifies those leadership qualities on the softball field. This year, as the team’s primary pitcher, she has a 3.08 ERA with 26 strikeouts. At the plate, she’s been part of a dynamic offense to start the year, hitting .583. The team is red-hot right now at 6-2, averaging 13 runs per game on offense. However, Weir’s been a leader even when there were growing pains.

”Last year, we started a really young team. We were starting five freshmen and times would get tough at times on defense,” said Phelps. “I’d walk out and I’d say, ‘We’re going to get better’ and she’d look at me and smile and go, ‘I know, we’re going to get better.’ Just that attitude that she has brings calm to the whole team.”

Weir is in her final sports season as a Gilman Pirate. Ending on the softball field has sentimental value to her.

“Being out here on the field is so fun all the time,” said Weir. “Softball is different than any other sport because it’s the only one you play outside. It’s definitely weird, but it’s also sad because it’s the last one.”

The fast-paced world of her high school schedule will soon come to an end. For her, it’s the social aspect of that schedule that she’ll miss the most.

“It definitely is nice to be with the team all the time and have people to talk to,” said Weir. “Not even just to talk to, but to be there and have fun and work as a team all the time.”

Weir will continue her athletic career next year in basketball at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.