Local Athletes Using Parisi Speed School To Gain An Edge

The need for speed is the name of the game.

More than 120 Wausau East athletes are training with Parisi Speed School out of Merrill, looking for that ultimate edge on the field of play.

"It gives us a lot of advantages, we're getting better at a lot of running things I never knew about. I just kinda went out and ran. I'm learning about more technique now," said Wausau East senior Bryce Widmark.

Jake Justesen, also a Wausau East senior, says the school is a great way to help improve form.

"It all comes down to your form and how precise you are in all your movements. And this really helps with that," said Justesen.

The goal is to train athletes about the fine techniques of speed, agility and strength, which translate to all sports.

Parisi Speed School teaches three key components essential to becoming a better athlete. They are acceleration, change of direction and speed.

"You can be a talented athlete, but if you don't come in here and work hard and do the drills, you're not gonna get that much better, but stuff like this, it can help improve your forty time, your quickness," said Justesen.

Learning to become a better athlete, may also inspire young atheltes to stick with their sport, even if they aren't logging a lot of minutes.

"Kids get more self confidence. If they were thinking about maybe about quitting a sport, they would say to themselves, geez, I might be able to contribute, even though I might be second team. And once you become a better athlete, you can play any sport," said Paul Kienitz, owner and President of Riverside Athletic Club in Merrill, which is powered by the Parisi Speed School.