Your Town Stevens Point: Kathy Kinney: A Wisconsin Girl at Heart

Skyping from Los Angeles, Kathy Kinney is just as engaging as ever. "I think that what I'm proudest of is that the life I dreamt of as a child, I've given to myself by the choices I made," said Kinney.

You probably know this Stevens Point native best from "The Drew Carey Show." "It was really hard work, but it was a lot of fun and I certainly appreciated the recognition and the good wishes that I had playing 'Mimi,'" she said. The hit TV show aired from 1995 until 2004.

Even in all the fame, this Wisconsin girl hasn't forgotten where she came from. Kinney said, "Growing up in Stevens Point was really fun for me because my house was on the same block as a gigantic cemetery, so I spent most of my days playing in the cemetery with my friends."

Even though she hasn't lived here since 1977, Kathy still makes time to visit Point and her longtime friend Cindy Lutz. "She taught me about life and I did the same thing for her. I often tell Kathy that she is the first person from whom I was granted unconditional love," said Lutz. Earlier this year, Kathy and Cindy spent some time together, taking part in one of their favorite activities. "We journey and search out every type of antique store, she makes purchases and sometimes I make a few, but we share memories," said Lutz, "She has just amazed me with everything that she has taken on, she approaches life with no fear, for herself and for her friends."

And Cindy has yet another reason to be proud of her best friend. Kathy is tackling childhood literacy by taking on the role of "Mrs. P," bringing to life classic children's stories online to encourage reading. "I think that everything I am, I owe to reading, " said Kinney. So, whether it's playing "Mrs. P" or being cast in the next great TV Show, "I only want to wish her joy, in the truest sense of the form, and whatever she desires and whatever God intends for her, is what I hope for her," said Lutz, one thing is certain. "You can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can't take Wisconsin out of the girl," said Kinney.

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