Woman Leads Police on Unusual Chase in SE Wis.

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(WDJT-TV) A topless woman driving on a motorcycle is arrested after crashing her bike on the highway in southeastern Wisconsin.

It's one of the more unusual stories you will hear and it was all caught on police dash cam video.

Police spotted the woman riding down I-43 about 12 miles north of Milwaukee with a shirt on, but her breast were exposed and she was driving with no hands.

Starting on I-43 near Brown Deer Road, the woman drove right past a Bayside police squad.

Initial calls said that she was driving all over the road.

Police said that she was screaming at every car on the freeway and kind of assaulting people with her motorcycle creating danger not only for herself, but for others on the road as well.

Bayside officers called Mequon police to try and get some additional squads to try and stop traffic.

This was a difficult task since the woman was slowing down to 10 miles per hour in a zone posted at 65. She did this only to speed up again.

"What she was doing was accelerate, put her hands out, one hand out, then she would slow down lose it then get back on, then do it again then continue down the road for several miles," said Lt. Tom Henkle.

The woman drove into Ozaukee County and lost control of her motorcycle and crashed in the middle of the highway.

When police got to her she was stammering about religion.

Miraculously, she only suffered a cut on her chin.

No one else was involved in the crash.

Police said that the woman was on prescription drugs.She was arrested for her 2nd OWI.