Wisconsin HS Cycling League

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For most student athletes, after school means hitting the gym..
but for a group of students right here in Northcentral Wisconsin, practice means hitting the trails.

"I like to road bike, so I've had experience that way, but I've never been on a mountain bike and been out on the trails in the forest before so it was a new experience," says Kristen Jordens, junior at SPASH.

4 years ago, the SPASH Mountain Bike Team formed under the direction of head coach John Brown, who after spending time with the director of the mountain bike league in Wisconsin was asked if he wanted to coach.

"About two weeks later he called and said i got 5 kids and 5 bikes, can you meet me tomorrow, and that's how it started," says head coach John Brown.

And from five members.. to twelve, the club only continues to grow.

"It's a big year for us, as far as getting more parents involved, getting more kids,and now we have 4 races this year so," says Brown.

Now the SPASH Mountain Bike Team aren't the only ones representing Northcentral Wisconsin, Wausau United Ride began back in April and have quickly gone from 5 student athletes to 25 in less than two months."

"The neat part about it was, a lot of former racers, and current racers in the area stepped up and got certified and are helping coach," says Wausau United Coach Jeff Tobin.

"It's just great camaraderie, it's different, you know you're out of the school setting, youre out in the wilderness with your friends..It's just super fun," says West freshman Hanna Mork.

For some biking has been a part of their lives for many years, others join the team with little to no experience, but if you have a helmet and a bike, you're ready to ride.

"There's a great amount of diversity between people, between people who are really focused on riding and peope who are out here to have fun and joke around, but they're all really into the sport," says Wausau East junior Morgan Kuphal.