Watch Out For Thanksgiving Hazards for your Pet

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Dr. Jamie Gifford talked with Sunrise 7 Morning Anchor Hannah Anderson about hazards on and off your plate this Thanksgiving for your pets.

Gifford said owners should be careful of feeding high-fat foods to pets. The high-fat foods can cause an inflammation of the pancreas, which is one of the organs in the belly, according to Gifford.

Other things to avoid feeding to your pets are the bones from the turkey because they can splinter and get stuck in their intestinal tracks.

Gifford also said to not feed baker's chocolate to dogs, since it can be the most toxic. Other chocolates like white and milk chocolate are less toxic but can still be of concern.

Rat poison or rat baits also should be picked up and put away from pets during this season. Gifford said even if you think they're hidden well enough, animals can manage to get to it.

For more advice and the full interview, click the video above.