Walsh Bradley Denies "Activist Judge" Label

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Is Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley an activist judge?

Her opponent in next months election, Rock County Judge James Daley says so.

His campaign says she inserts her personal agenda into court decisions.

When interviewed during a stop at NewsChannel 7's studios Thursday (3/5/15), Walsh Bradley called the accusation nonsense.

"I respond to that the same way that former United States Surpreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor responded to those kinds of labels and accusations. That really what they mean is the person making that accusation just doesn't like the bottom line of your decision and I think Sandra Day O'Connor is right from my perspective. My opponent can label himself, he can relabel himself but I'm not gonna let him get away with trying to label me."

Walsh Bradley says she still lives in Wausau in spite of working in Madison for 20-years. And will continue to do so if she wins another 10-year term.

The election is April 7th