Sheriff: Woman Died of Natural Causes in Vilas Co. Death

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The Vilas County Sheriff said in a new release Tuesday, a 61-year-old Oshkosh found dead Jan. 2 near Presque Isle died of natural causes; pending toxicology results.

The release said marks and injuries to the body of Corrine Gerster observed were post mortem. No foul play is suspected.

The sheriff stated a dog Gerster was escorting home may have attempted to move, drag or wake her and in doing so tugged at clothing causing them to tear or rip away.

Bill Cosh, of the Wisconsin DNR said the they were requested by the Vilas County Sheriff's Department to determined what type of animal left tracks at the site where a body was located.

The sheriff's department sent a press release over the weekend reporting the body of 61-year-old Corrine Gerster, of Oshkosh was found outside the Towne House store. The department reported Gerster's body was unclothed when it was discovered.

Cosh told NewsChannel 7 the animal tracks near the body were from domestic canines. In an emailed statement Cosh said, "Upon request by the Sheriff’s Office Dept. staff responded to determine if wolves were involved with this death. Based on Dept. investigation they determined the tracks near the body were that off domestic canines which were tracked back to two different homes."

A deputy with the Vilas County Sheriff's Department said their press release about the case mentioned there was no wolf activity in an area to dispel a rumor she was attacked by wolves.

If anyone has any information related to this incident, the deputies ask to please contact the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office (715) 479-4441.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, Wisconsin Crime Lab and Field Response Unit, Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, will assist along with the Sherriff's Department and Coroner's Office.