Supper Club Stories: Thomas House in Marshfield

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Whether it is shaking a cocktail infused with rhubarb and cucumber or turning a simple dish into a work of art, creativity is what drives the staff at Thomas House each and every day. For the past six years, chefs, owners, and the staff have been working together to make the restaurant one of the most unique in Central Wisconsin.

"Who would expect these things in a town of 18,000? People tell us that we can go head to head with any place in Chicago, east coast or west coast say our scallops are better than they get on the coast. So, we are doing something right. Quality seems to attract quality." Says co-owner Lyman Smith.

The restaurant was opened out of some unusual circumstances. In the late 1990’s, a construction project along Central Avenue forced the historic Thomas House building to be moved 70 feet to the east in order to make way for the new roadway. Architect Lyman Smith and his business partners purchased the building, and initially wanted to develop it for retail. When the economic recession hit the Marshfield area hard in 2008, finding retail tenants was challenging. It was then that Smith added a kitchen to the historic building and opened Thomas House.

When it comes to the menu, the restaurant is known for taking traditional favorites and giving them a unique twist. One such dish is a “de-constructed” gyro dish featuring lamb and cumin-infused yogurt. The menu changes seasonally, so that the freshest ingredients can be incorporated.

"Every six months we totally change the menu. We start over again. It’s not just one or two little things, It’s a total clean slate. Last fall we did a hunters menu and it was pheasant and duck and veal and we have switched over to a spring and summer menu and its a little bit lighter fare." Smith says.

The restaurant says they cater to diners from across Wisconsin who travel to check out the restaurant. They say the customer support is something they feel will carry them well into the future.