Students Explore Math and Science with NTC's Get Smart Program

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Close to 60 middle schoolers in our area are exploring science and math using real-world activities like welding and graphic communication. Get Smart is back for it's 6th year in a row at Northern Technical College in Wausau.

This was Owen Beasley's second year at Get Smart, learning how to apply math and science to manufacturing jobs. Beasley is just 12-years-old, but only took an hour to make an electronic device that lights up to the sound of a persons voice, "We just had to sauter it on, and it takes a lot of precision to do that."

Beasley said he loves Get Smart because manufacturing is something he might want to get involved with in the future.

The program also allows students to explore science and math activities while using hands-on-experiences.

"We want them to come here to expose them to welding machine tools, electromechanical and our graphics programs," said the dean of technical & trades at NTC Wausau, Darren Ackley, "We wanna give them a little bit of an idea of what some of those trades involve."

Get Smart is also important because manufacturing is still the largest single employment sector in the state of Wisconsin. "Employers are asking for them. They're very well paying jobs, high skilled jobs, and they require a lot of technology and a lot of math skills," said Ackley, "So we're really trying to push to the students that they need those math skills to be successful in the industry."

Get Smart is held all around the NTC district, running programs at their Antigo and Phillips campus.