"Sir 7" is Coming Back to Newschannel 7

As we are embracing the future here at Newschannel 7, we are also sticking with what has made us a success for more than 50 years.

We are bringing back a familiar face...or should we say a familiar suit of armor, our station's original mascot, "Sir 7" is back.

Newschannel 7 officially launched on October 23, 1954, with the call letters WSAU-TV, operating out of the Plumer Mansion on North 5th Street in Wausau.

The mansion's castle like exterior inspired the station's Art Director, Sid Kyler, to create a medieval style logo, complete with a fully armored knight, "Sir 7", who became the station's mascot.

"I don't recall how long it took me to come up with the final design. It was fun, it was readily accepted and to this day people will sometimes talk about him and they remember him because he was pretty instrumental in all of the promotions and i.d.'s and all of that stuff", explained Kyler.

In 1981, our call letters changed from wsau to WSAW-TV. In the mid-90's when the station opted for a more "modern" look and "Sir 7" was tucked away in the station's archives.

But today, as Newschannel 7 becomes the first in the area to broadcast in local high definition, "Sir 7", is back, still true to the original, today's "Sir 7" shines in 3D/HD technology.

"I couldn't believe that would ever happen, I thought he was done long ago and buried. I'm very interested in seeing how you treat him, how you do it, I'm sure it's altogether different than how I did him and all the variations that I did back in those days", said Kyler.

So, for viewers that have been with Newschannel 7 since the early days, an old friend is coming back.

For everybody else, get ready to meet "Sir 7", the oldest, new member of the Channel 7 staff.

You can also get a sneek peak at the 30 second premiere and the early stage of the 3D/HD animation at our Facebook fan page.