ShowTix4U ticket website customers warned following data breach

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A Nevada based online ticket sales service used heavily in Central Wisconsin says it has had a data breach, exposing some of its customers to an increased risk for credit card theft.

ShowTix4U is used by several local school districts including Wausau and DC Everest to sell tickets to concerts, musicals, and plays. Several local community theatre organizations also utilize the website.

ShowTix4U says that customers who used the online service between April and September could be at risk. The company sent emails to customers who purchased tickets using the site warning them that their credit card data could have been compromised.

Wausau resident Brian Whitaker says he believes he was among the people who had credit card information stolen. Whitaker says that in the course of three weeks he had charges he did not incur on two different credit cards. He says in recent months he purchased tickets to local performances on ShowTix4U during the time the breach was occouring.

While Whitaker has since been able to get all his money back, he says it has been a source of frustration having information stolen while purchasing tickets to support the arts in the community.

“It really stinks.” Says Whitaker. “Honestly, I feel like I was mugged, just not at gunpoint.”

A representive from ShowTix4U tells Newschannel 7 that the problem has been resolved, and that online purchase on the site is now once again safe. They also say that in independent investigation has been launched in order to identify the source of the breach. At this point ShowTix4U says they do not know how many people nationwide may be impacted.