Shaking Off Cabin Fever At Winter Fest

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Cheers and laughter were abundant at the 3rd Annual Wausau Winter Fest on Saturday. Wausau Events organized 23 different activities around the downtown, attracting hundreds of people.

"We came out to do all of the activities," said Mandy Palmer. "We've already been on the slide, right Tilly? That was big fun!"

"We just tried out the curling," said Ryan Johnston. "It was pretty fun."

"I've been looking at the ice sculptures and you know just having a good time," said Emery Ziebell.

Wausau Events coordinators said this event is meant to let people shake off the cabin fever.

"We like winter sometimes, but sometimes we don't like it that much because it's too cold," said Johnston.

People said it was a beautiful day for the event. You know it has been cold when single-digit temperatures is considered a nice day.

Event coordinators also said winter fest helps show what Wausau has to offer and gets people into into local businesses.

"We have the bingo, so we've gotten to go into a few stores that we haven't necessarily gone into before," said Palmer.

For people who felt that there was too much winter in Winter Fest, people also could come inside and sample some mac and cheese. Six different restaurants made the cheesy treat as people warmed up and voted on their favorites. The salvation army also served free hot chocolate, so those not wanting to leave the winter wonderland could stay toasty.