Sales Boost at Manufacturing Plants

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Many companies said they are skeptical of the economy because of debt complications in Washington.

However, with a rocky economy some manufacturing plants in Northcentral Wisconsin are still hiring.

Managers at Jarp Industries, Inc. Wausau and G3 Industries in Mosinee said in the past years their sales have increased and because of boosting sales they are able to hire more employees.

At G3 Industries, about five people a day come in to fill out an application. While Jarp Industries, Inc. sees 10-15 walk-in's a week.

Even though G3 Industries has hired many employees in the past, they said they still have open positions.

"Since November of 2010 we have increased our workforce of more than 30 percent. In addition to that we are looking for technology based jobs to add to our shop floor and engineering department," said Randy Stroik, the Plant Manager at G3 Industries.

Both companies have training courses, but having prior knowledge on the skilled techniques is beneficial. Some of those skills include, robotic machine operators and welders.

The Chief Operating Officer at Jarp Industries, Inc. said they hire many employees and interns from Northcentral Technical College. That's because the school specifically trains their students for the skilled techniques they are looking for.

The Department of Workforce Development reports 400 manufacturing jobs were added in the Wausau metro area this past June.

The Economic Development Director at the Wausau Region Chamber said smaller manufacturing companies are seeing growth from working with larger companies in other cities. He added, Marathon County is dealing with unemployment, but the number of jobs are picking up.