Residents Pick up Pieces After Possible Merrill Tornado

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A reported tornado is leaving some Merrill residents shaken up, and many buildings seriously damaged.

Lots of damage was reported around the Merrill Municipal Airport. Residents say the city sounded warning sirens three times Sunday afternoon.

Many took the warning seriously, fleeing for cover.

"So much chaos, everybody is just trying to get through, and it's pretty scary, we just grabbed the dogs and went downstairs," said Melody Zaborsky.

Among the damage in Merrill are downed trees blocking roadways. On Pier Street, near Hillside, a tree fell on a power line, which crews are working to cut to clear the road.

"I understand there's a lot of trees down, there are some houses that are wiped out, a lot of roofs lost, we have shingles gone on ours, a lot of trees, big trees," Zaborsky said, a Merrill resident.

Sunday night traffic was backed up as emergency crews worked to clear roads of debris.

Officials ask people not to drive in damaged areas if they can help it.

Merrill schools, both public and private are closed Monday.