Plows at full force in central Wisconsin

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Local snowplow drivers have been hard at work clearing central Wisconsin roads overnight.

All 36 of the snowplows in Marathon County were out on the roads beginning at 3 a.m. Tuesday, according to Kris Baguhn of the Marathon County Highway Department. The department planned to put salt down on the roads after the trucks finished plowing.

Baguhn said in a winter storm like this, they can spread around 400 tons of salt between state and county roadways.

"This morning right when it started, it was snow covered and slippery. On some of the county roads, there were some deep drifts in areas that were 12 to 14 inches or so deep, but they're getting that all pushed back now."

Baguhn said when sharing the roads with plows, keep your distance to 200 feet behind them, slow down and move over when passing plows on the side of the road.

Jason Lemmer of the Lincoln County Highway Department said trucks began plowing at 2:45 a.m. Tuesday, and that as of 3:30 a.m., all state roads should have had at least one pass on them. The department advised that, while the roads may be cleaned, they will still be slippery.

Overnight plowing in Portage County went better than hoped, according to Stephen Schlice of the Portage County Highway Department. Schlice reported that there had been a lot of drifting on the roads, but that it was no longer an issue after the wind died down. Roads should be clear by the time the sun rises.

The Langlade County Highway Department reported that its snowplows still had a long way to go at 4:15 a.m. Tuesday. The plow drivers prioritized snow-covered state and county roads.