ONLY ON 7: Pearl Harbor and World War II Vet Honored at The High Ground

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A new memory at a state war memorial has been added to a Pearl Harbor survivor's story that's already filled with so much history.

Will Lehner is pretty sharp for a 94-year-old.

"I can remember things that happened," Lehner said.

In 1939 Lehner was patrolling the entrance to Pearl Harbor when they found an unidentified submarine.

"It was a two-man sub and 78 feet long, about five foot in diameter with two occupants and that was trying to get into the entrance to Pearl Harbor," Lehner said.

He said they originally didn't know who it belonged to because they had never seen anything like it, and that's when it happened...

"We fired the first shot of, of the war. We sunk a Japanese submarine an hour and 20 minutes before the planes came over," Lehner said.

62 years later after being on that ship, at age 84, Lehner got a call from the University of Hawaii.

"He said 'Will, we found that sub that you sunk 62 years ago, how would you like to come over, go down in that sphere with me 1200 feet?' and I said, 'when?'" Lehner said.

Lehner said he spent three and a half hours underwater looking at it, a moment he'll treasure forever.

But he had another moment this Saturday. He was honored at The High Ground Memorial Park in Neillsville, for his service in Pearl Harbor and World War II.

A stone was placed in the ground at the war memorial, an honor made by the Post 6 American Legion in Stevens Point.

"It's something that will be there forever - it's not like a tombstone, it's a remembrance of what I did," Lehner said.

Through a stone, Lehner's story will continue to be remembered and told to future generations.

"I never thought I'd see it while I was alive but thank god I did," Lehner said.

Another moment to be treasured in Lehner's history.

The Stevens Point American Legion Post 6 also honored Robert Kowalski at The High Ground Saturday. He was aboard the first ship to bring occupation forces into Japan during World War II.