NRA Fires Back at President's Proposal to Curb Gun Violence

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The National Rifle Association is firing back at President Obama's gun control proposal. In a statement Wednesday, the organization says attacking firearms and ignoring children is not a solution.

Instead, it's pushing for armed guards in schools and better health care for people suffering from mental illness.

NRA director Buster Bachhuber says all of the president's proposals have either been tried before and failed, or have nothing to do with reducing future incidents. He says bans on military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines won't curb gun violence because people can still get their hands on equally dangerous weapons, and universal background checks will only hurt those who follow the law. He worries these sweeping policies are nothing more than an attempt to infringe upon his Second Amendment right.

"We had a so-called assault weapons ban," Bachhuber said. "That's a slippery definition. Now they're talking one characteristic of a military weapon. Like a trigger or a sight? What is this? They may look a little different but under the skin they're exactly the same rifle."

Bachhuber also notes that increasing the penalties for carrying a weapon in a school zone won't deter someone like Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza from going through with the crime.

Currently in Wis., gun laws are pretty lax compared to other states. There's no registration system. So there's no requirements to own a gun, other than you can't be a felon, or have drug or mental health issues, just like the rest of the country.