Moose on the Loose: Police Escort Moose to Safety

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Law enforcement sure receives their fair share of odd calls, but one call to Oneida County dispatch earlier this week may just take the cake. A neighbor called to report and unlikely visitor.

Rhinelander Police Officer Chad Brown was working patrol Tuesday night when dispatch sent him on a wild moose chase. Yes, moose chase. The best part is it was all captured on video compliments of Officer Brown's dash cam.

Dispatch received a call at about 9:30 p.m. reporting a moose close to the entrance of Pioneer Park right in downtown Rhinelander.

"At first I didn't think it was true," Officer Brown laughed. "I thought maybe it was a very large buck and that somebody may not know exactly a moose compared to large deer. But when I was able to speak to the individual that called it in I was positive it was a moose."

Officer Brown and a couple of other officers located the moose walking south on Oneida Avenue near Bessy's Meat Market. They followed the moose for about five minutes until the moose safely disappeared into nearby woods off Timothy Avenue.

"They are kind of hard to see too because they are dark and tall so you usually just see their legs in a car," Officer Brown explained. "So when I saw him on the road I wanted to illuminate him with my spotlight just so other motorists could see him."

In the last few years, two moose have been hit by cars in Oneida County, but this is the first moose sighting in Rhinelander. Officer Brown says this moose may have come from as far away as upper Michigan or even Canada.

He believes his antlered friend is still in the Rhinelander area and wants everyone to be extra careful when out on the roads, especially at night.