Mock Train Accident Tests Emergency Crews Response

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We hear their whistles from miles away and we see the flashing lights and arms go down across the track, but train accidents still happen. Because they happen, emergency crews need to be prepared.

Back in July, the air brakes went out on a runaway oil train in Canada. After the train derailed it exploded, killing more than 20 people. That tragedy was the basis for emergency training in Marshfield, as departments practiced responding to a runaway train versus bus accident with an unidentified chemical release.

"While we don't respond to train and bus crashes we do respond to emergencies that require assessments," Lt. Darren Larson of the Marshfield Police Department explains. "You have to get on scene, you have to be able to evaluate what it is and try to plan accordingly to try to mitigate the dangers. "

Through the training, departments were able to identify some problem areas in their response. They tell NewsChannel 7 communication is an area they need to improve, however, they were pleased with the departments ability to work together to contain a situation.