Local Boy Fighting Worst of Diseases gets Quite the Surprise

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14-year-old Jesse Glodowski loves spending time outdoors on the water. And thanks to a generous gift, he'll be able to in his very own boat.

For months, Jesse has been battling Osteosarcoma-a type of bone cancer. And while it has been difficult, it's getting a little easier thanks to a 16 foot War Eagle boat from the Make a Wish Foundation. They're an organization that grants the "wishes" of children with life-threatening medical conditions with something they can look forward to.

"I was really happy. I mean, it's a really nice boat," Glodowski said. "I just got back from being up North, and borrowing a buddy's boat who was up there. And really happy to have my own finally."

Jesse's family says some cancer cells have moved from Jesse's bones to his lungs. They're hopeful an upcoming surgery will be enough to begin improving his condition.