Last Minute Valentine's Day Preparations

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Valentine's Day is just 24 hours away and if you forgot, chances are your sweetie did not. Luckily, local businesses have been gearing up all week for the big day and they're not the only ones.

Second graders at Newman Catholic Elementary School in Rothschild are getting ready for Valentine's Day too. The class is throwing a very special Valentine's Day party.

"We have special games if we can get to them tomorrow," student Skylar Olson told NewsChannel 7.

"We're going to pass around valentines," classmate Danisa Zenk added.

The best part, however, is that they're sharing the love.

"We have made wreaths that are going to the Mount View Nursing Home and the veterans," second grader Ada Stenstrom explained.

Another place sharing the love is Evolutions In Design in downtown Wausau where employees are working hard to fill more than 800 flower orders.

"Today and tomorrow we are stocked. We are ready to go with a huge assortment of stuff. So no matter what they're price range is we can accommodate them," owner Randy Verhasselt said.

For those of you looking for something other than a cookie cutter Valentine's Day present, why not try a cookie. They're baking up hundreds of them at Great American Cookies in the Wausau Center Mall, where a valentine comes in all shapes, sizes and with frosting.

"We do pans, we do hearts, large hearts, small hearts," manager Karen Rotter reeled.

If you're more techy than sweet, there's an app for that. From SweetSpot, a free app that helps you locate sweet shops nearby, to Love Poem Generator.

"You can just kind of plug some information in and it will give you a poem or a saying to write in there," tech guru Jim Greer explained.

A few more apps that you might be interested in include someecards which allows you to send cards from practically anywhere and share them on Facebook and Twitter. Urbanspoon and OpenTable can also help you find a place to dine on Valentine's Day.