Hortonville Makes Significant School Safety Changes

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HORTONVILLE, Wis.-- The Hortonville Area School District has overhauled security at its buildings.

A year ago, most of the doors to Hortonville schools would be open. Today, many things have changed.

Hortonville High School security director Andy Kolosso tells WLUK-TV visitors must hand over a photo ID which is scanned and a picture pass is created. School officials also run the visitors through the sex offender registry as an extra precaution. If a name pops up on the registry, an email alert goes to administrators and the liaison officer.

It's just part of a major security upgrade in the district. Inside school doors now lock with the push of a button. Two-way radios connect directly with 911 dispatchers. And cameras monitor the doors and hallways.

Kolosso says shootings at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and other places prompted the enhanced security.