First Time Homebuyers Are Thinking Bigger

First time homebuyers are thinking bigger than they have in the past.

The current state of the housing market is helping them get more house for their dollar.

"We ended up with what we wanted for about half of what we figured we'd be paying", said first time homeowner, Rindy Slater.

Slater and her family moved into their Wausau home just more than a year ago.

After 2 years of searching, their 2 story home fell into their price range and it wasn't even a "fixer upper".

"We didn't want to do that much work because most of them we would have had to do months of work before we could move in", said Slater.

Wausau area realtor Rob Rybarczyk says it's a trend that's gaining steam. First time homebuyers are finding bargains on bigger homes, and many are forgoing the starter home.

"Absolutely they've been able to get more for their dollar. With the interest rates down they can afford to spend a little more, plus the prices have come down...that makes for a great situation", said Rybarczyk.

Rybarczyk says, many prospective homebuyers are also targeting forclosures, but many times those homes require much more work.

According to a recent survey done by the National Association of Realtors, first time home buyers made up half the market in 2010.