Family Tailgate Party Raises Money for Flood Victims

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Hundreds of people came out to St. Mary's Parish in Marathon City today for the church's annual Family Tailgate Party. But this year, the fundraiser is helping out more than the church.

The church teamed up with former Packers Hall of Fame players Marv Fleming and Willie Buchanon to help out area flood victims.

The event normally brings in more than $20 thousand for the parish, and this year they doing a little extra something to raise money for those whose Marathon City homes filled with water last month.

"The little things that we try to do to help out. The fundraising portion of this is what we're here for. If we can sign autographs, help sell tickets, or eat up some of that ice cream," says former Packer Willie Buchanon.

Fleming and Buchanon were selling and autographing copies of "The Lombardi Legacy", and proceeds from book sales will go soley to flood victims.

Church organizers hoped book sales would raise $1,000.

The players say its important for them to give back to Wisconsin fans who have always been there to support the team.