Simcackoski Family Doing Everything Possible to Help Make VA Better

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Marvin and Linda Simcackoski know they have a tough battle to fight, but say they aren't giving up until something changes.

The two lost their son, and former Marine, Jason Simcackoski to pain killers last August after the Tomah VA allegedly failed to give him the proper care he needed. "Since it was too late to help my son, I'd like to see some other veterans be helped from this," said Marvin Simcackoski, who wants to make sure this tragedy never happens again.

"I'd like to see them use the same guidelines throughout all the VAs in the nation," said Simcackoski, "And work with family members, and people that had problems in the past, to straighten those out so those problems don't happen again."

An investigation into the Tomah VA is underway. In fact, Simcackoski said he spent over an hour on the phone today with the senior investigator for Homeland Security, brainstorming different ways to solve this serious problem, "He wanted to be more aware of the situation from my perspective, rather than just from a VA official's perspective."

And after receiving the call, Simcackoski said he believes a change is possible, "I think things are going to happen this time. I really do. I feel good about it, and I think my son's looking down at me right now saying, 'Dad you're doing a good job here, and keep it up.'"

Jason Simcackoski died at the age of just 35, leaving behind a wife and young daughter.