Rep. Sean Duffy to Refuse Pay During Govt. Shutdown

Representative Sean Duffy tells Newschannel 7 he's refusing his pay during the government shutdown and has attached his name to a bill that says no government, no pay.

"I'm on a bill that says no budget, no pay, no government, no pay. And I've sent a letter ot the CAO, asking them to withhold my pay as everyone goes through the pain of a government shutdown, we should include members of congress, " Duffy said during a phone interview Tuesday afternoon.

The Wisconsin Republican also echoed the sentiment of many GOP members that it's the Democrats who are refusing to negotiate and may even want a shutdown because it's politically beneficial.

Duffy says conservative have softened it's stance on the issue of Obamacare. They've moved totally defunding it, to just delaying the individual insurance mandate for a year, just like what was done for the business mandate.