Diaper Depot helps families in need

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The cost of raising children in growing each year, and that means many are struggling to make ends meet. That's why an area church is lending a helping hand with one of the most expensive parts of early childhood - diapers.

Diapers can cost parents hundreds of dollars for each child, and that's if you get a generic brand. So Saint Paul's United Church of Christ in Wausau decided to help, with their program; Tiny Tots Closet.

Every Tuesday, from 10am until noon, families or individuals living in Marathon County can come to the church on Washington Street in Wausau. Recipients must have proof that they live in the county, and that they have a child.

Saint Paul's media coordinator says diapers are a growing need for families.

"Food cards, wick cards, don't cover something like diapers, and so in order to help with the health of the babies, its important that they have clean change," said Tania Grisham, "we don't want it to be two days before payday or something, that they aren't in the same diapers until they get paid."

Gisham says there is no obligation to those receiving diapers. The church is looking for diaper donations to give to needy families. Even if you have half a box of diapers your child grew out of, you can donate those.

Drop off your donations when the lobby is open: Monday-Thursday, 8am-noon.