Death of Woman in Vilas County Shakes up Northwoods Town

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The Vilas County Sheriff's Department says investigators do not suspect foul play in the death of a woman found in Vilas County.

61-year-old Corrine Gerster's body was found outside the Towne House store in Presque Isle Friday morning. The Sheriff says based on the Department of Natural Resource's findings, tracks found near her body were made by a domestic dog-not wolves.

The Sheriff's Department says more information should be available tomorrow when the autopsy on Gerster's body is complete.

While it has been a few days since Friday's events took place, residents in Presque Isle are still feeling unnerved. They'll tell you that normally, the little town is pretty safe. But lately, they feel anything but.

"People are scared to death here in this community," Pi Pub Owner Karen Swenson said. "We had a couple families here last Friday night. When they heard about the commotion and seen it up the street, they packed up and went back home because they were afraid for their safety."

Since Gerster's body was found, people have been asking a lot of questions.

"Was it a wolf attack? Did she pass away first and then a wolf attacked her, was it murder?" Swenson explained.

While new information has been released regarding Gerster's death, some residents say they're still not yet satisfied. They want answers, and soon.

"We need our answers, and we want to be safer in Presque Isle, and we don't want to be lied to. We want to be told the truth," Swenson said.

"We'd like to know what really happened, and until we find out, there's some concern," Edward Hill said.

So they can find closure in Gerster's death; a woman many in the town knew and loved.

"She was a very nice lady, very personable person. She's going to be missed," Joe Allen said.

"She was a very caring person, very personable, everybody loved her," Swenson said. "It's very tragic because it's so close to home here in this small community."