Owner Attempts to Warm up Car by Charcoal Fire, Car Burns

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The Vilas County Sheriff's Department said they responded to a vehicle fire in Flambeau Tuesday morning after someone attempted to warm up their car by lighting a charcoal fire beneath it.

Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath say said no one was injured and no citations were issued.

Lac du Flambeau police Chief Robert Brandenburg tells The Associated Press temperatures were about minus 23 degrees and the woman's 2007 Dodge Caravan wasn't starting. So first she took out the battery, warmed it up inside and reinstalled it.

Then she shoved a mound of hot coals under the van hoping to warm up the engine chamber. He says the undercarriage of the front bumper caught fire, causing about $1,000 of damage.

Brandenburg says he's used the charcoal trick successfully, but he doesn't advise that others try it.