CDC Debuts New Anti-Smoking PSAs with Former Smokers

In the continuing effort to curb smoking around the nation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is running a public service announcement campaign featuring advice from former smokers. The latest round debuted Monday.

Destinee Coenen, the coordinator for the Central Wisconsin Tobacco Free Coalition, says the ads are one of the most effective ways to help people to quit.

"They've been proven to help people quit smoking, inspire people to quit smoking and save lives and save money," said Coenen.

The newest segments feature stories from former smokers including Mark, who developed rectal cancer from cigarettes and smokeless tobacco; and Kristy, who tried to quit by using e-cigarettes and ended up with an addiction to both products.

"[E-cigarettes] have never been proven effective for cessation, at least no more effective than already existing FDA-approved medications," said Coenen.

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