Boys and Girls Club Enhances Learning Through Latest Technology

boys and girls club
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Kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Wisconsin Rapids are using the latest technology to enhance their learning at the center's before and after school programs.

The program the kids use is called Stride Academy. Students take either math or reading tests on iPads to earn coins. Once they have enough coins, they can play games.

"It's not just more school after school," says Rob Wefel, the Executive Director for the Boys and Girls Club in Wisconsin Rapids. "They're taking principles and concepts that we can kind of reinforce at the end of the school day without it looking like learning."

The iPads and the wireless internet capability in the building came from donations from local companies including Paper City Savings and Solarus.

"Rob had told us they were looking to upgrade their technology and we thought that would be a great opportunity to help out because the Boys and Girls Club just does a wonderful job in our community," say Larry Turba, the president of Paper City Savings.

The center has seen many changes this year including moving to a bigger location. This new building gives the club the opportunity to provide more activities for the kids.

"They have a nice gym," says Brandon, an 11-year-old who attends the Boys and Girls Club's before and after school programs. "They have a lot of stuff you can use, like basketballs because we have practice here for basketball; I'm on the team."

The club's goal is to foster brighter futures and Rob hopes using the latest technology and incorporating more activities into the children's days helps with that.

"We know that the kids are having a good time and they'll come back for more," says Wefel. "We understand that they're learning in the process and gaining something for themselves, for their future. To be better students and to reinforce those learning opportunities from the day after school is a huge opportunity for them to gain more."