Antigo Girl, 8, Raises $4,500 for Langlade Co. Humane Society

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The Langlade County Humane Society is the recipient of a big donation, and it's all because of a little girl. Julianna Bauknecht, 8, a third grader from All Saints Catholic School in Antigo is making a difference in her community.

She may blend in with her classmates, as she chipped away at her math homework Wednesday afternoon, but when she's not adding four plus nine, she's planning her next big fundraiser to help animals.

"I'm pretty happy with what I did because I had a pretty tiny sale but it actually turned out rather good because I had the coin war going on, raffle tickets being sold and donations," she said.

Julianna invited schools throughout Antigo to participate in a coin war, sold raffle tickets with donated prizes, and held a new item rummage sale with all proceeds going to the Langlade County Humane Society.

"I just really like helping animals because... it's true the saying about a dog is a human's best friend and it is my best friend," she said about her dog.

Her principal, Paul Galuska, says Julianna impressively demonstrates service - one of the school's core values.

"Julianna is absolutely a go-getter and she's just a wonderful student and really took this initiative on her own," Galuska said.

Wednesday, Julianna and her dad, Ed, presented a check to the humane society for nearly $4,500.

"We are so pleased and so proud of her, she's a big asset to the community," said Terrie Colby, a board member.

This isn't the first time the girl, who founded the club Caring Paws, has raised substantial funds for animals. In 2011, she raised thousands for a K9 rescue dog who was injured in Rib Mountain.

The donation couldn't have come at a better time; the shelter is near capacity.

"We've got lots of cats, lots of dogs, kittens, it's an abundant supply right now," Colby said.

Julianna is hoping all of those animals will get loving homes, because everyone could use a companion.

"It's just really cool knowing you have a good friend that won't ever let you down," she said.

The 8-year-old plans to hold at least one big fundraiser every three years to benefit a humane society in Wisconsin.