Amateur Radio Field Day "Hams" It Up

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Saturday was National Amateur Radio Field Day. Members of the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association were at Sunny Vale Park in Wausau to showcase the science and skill of the technology.

Organizers say they then attempt to reach as many amateur radio stations as possible, both as a hobby and for emergency communications.

"We do work with Marathon County Emergency Communications and we will also operate in the event of an emergency in the Emergency Communications Center in City Hall," said Joe Schoebel, Field Day Coordinator and member of the Wisconsin Valley Radio Association. "In the event, like I said, if something were to happen, we'll be the individuals down there assisting with state and local officials to try to get things going."

They are also doing some amateur TV as well, and will be transmitting for 24 hours, ending at 1:00 p.m. Sunday.

The public is welcome to go and check it out.

Field Day has been going on since the 1930's.