Art Gallery Remembers Iola Rock Fest Through Photos

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This weekend, a local art gallery is celebrating the 40th anniversary of one of central Wisconsin's biggest rock festivals.

Tomorrow River Gallery in Amherst is showcasing the photography of Amherst Junction native Richard Sroda.

He was at the Iola Rock Festival 40 years ago, along with about 50,000 others.

He took several photos at the festival and approachces the gallery to see if they would be interested in displaying them.

"It's great to have them locally and it's great that there's a supportive gallery that's willing to have the public come in, not just for older people who either were there or might have heard of it, but for younger people who heard something about it, but don't know the details," Richard Sroda, photographer said.

The owner of the art gallery says it's wonderful to have part of Amherst's local history in her store.

Sroda's work has appeared across the country and has won hundreds of awards.