Medical Marijuana Advocates Rally in Wisconsin Rapids

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The debate over medical marijuana is drawing interest throughout Wisconsin and the country.

Activists gathered in Wisconsin Rapids on Saturday to raise awareness of the drug.

The McMillan Lilbrary in Wisconsin Rapids hosted the T.H.C. Tour or Talking Hemp and Cannabis Tour.

One of the main concerns activists have concerning medical marijuana centers around the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act.

The bill was introduced last year and is based on a law passed by Michigan voters in 2008.

It is sponsored by two Wisconsin democrats and could legalize medical marijuana in the state of Wisconsin.

"If we look at people in our community, if we are just a little bit aware and start asking questions, it only takes a few questions and a few conversations and we can find constituents and citizens in every community who can benefit from this."

Medical marijuana is used to fight against numerous ailments such as chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Activists believe the bill will pass, but feel it may take time because they say the legislation process is slow and state legislators don't want to make changes that are considered unjust or unfair.

Activists also say one of the main hurdles the bill faces is that marijuana has faced 70 years of negative propaganda.

Few republicans in the legislature favor this particular bill.

However, 70% of republicans polled say they favor medical marijuana.

There's still no set date for legislators to vote on the bill.