Locked In Syndrome Doesn't Stop Antigo Man

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An Antigo man is sharing his first-hand account of living with a rare disease that has no cure.

With very limited ability to move or speak, Scott Tatro has published a book called, "Locked In: Chiropractic Adjustment Gone Wrong."

Ten years ago, Scott Tatro was the proud owner of an excavating business.

Today, he can hardly talk, and can only move his hand, neck, and face.

A trip to the chiropractor in 2000 changed his life as he knew it.

"He had gone to the chiropractor and he had is neck adjusted on Thursday and he came home and said it hurt so bad he had to quit," says Ann Tatro, Scott's wife.

His wife Ann, recalls her husband having headaches and feeling dizzy.

She says, "The next Sunday he went back for another adjustment and they called and said he had some kind of seizure."

Scott had had a brain stem stroke, resulting in Locked In Syndrome.

Ann says, "It was happening right when your neck was twisted the second time."

He can feel and completely understands everything around him, but his body can't do what his mind tells it to.

He underwent physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and now can move his neck, hand, and is able to speak.

It's difficult to understand him, but his wife has become an expert.

She says, "We finish his sentences a lot of times or jump in and he can't finish saying what he wants to say."

According to his book, 90 percent of those with Locked In Syndrome die within four months.

Remarkably, Scott has beaten the odds.

Scott doesn't ask why this happened to him, but just wants people to know it can happen.

In his book he writes that he doesn't want to move the earth, but to be fully involved in life, and accept living living "locked in" but not locked out.

If you would like to purchase his book, click on the link below.