85-Year-Old Skates To Inspire Others To Lace Up

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All this snow has us worrying about the roads but has others excited for winter activities.

Ice rinks are open, but one woman doesn't think there are enough figure skaters using them.

"That's so we get it loose on the top, and then tie it."

Charlotte Hoecker laced up her custom figure skating boots and stepped on to the sheet of ice to instill the love for a dying sport in Wausau.

"This is one thing we learn, Hannah, is the swizzles," Hoecker said.

Hoecker is 85 years old and has skated for 80 years.

"I know I was on skates before my 5th birthday," Hoecker said.

She's taught skaters to spin and glide for the last 60 years.

For beginner skaters, other than the swizzle and push, Hoecker likes to teach them how to stop.

Hoecker said the drive to figure skate has stopped in central Wisconsin.

"They (People) don't have enough knowledge. They don't know enough," Hoecker said. "It's not the ankles; it's the skates."

She and her helper Loraine, work together to instill a fire into young skaters, one being 22-year-old Emily Voss.

"Charlotte is definitely an inspiration out skating and skating as well as she does," Voss said.

Hoecker said she skates two times a week.

"If you can walk you can skate," Hoecker said. "There's no excuse."

Hoecker moved to Wausau in 1979 and started some of the first basic skills programs in the area.

"We moved here because of the rink," Hoecker said. "My husband knew the area, and I told him i'd never give it up again. Still at it!"

And boy is she ever, she even can still do her spiral trick.

"I haven't given up, and i don't intend to!" Hoecker said.

Charlotte's still got it, from the outside-in.
She believes in the sport , and she believes you should too.

Hoecker said the sport helps with posture and balance.

Classes are held on Wednesdays at the Marathon County Ice Skating and Hockey Rink in Wausau.

Session I: Oct.16 to Dec.11, 2013.
Session II: Jan. 8 to Feb. 26, 2014

For more information: http://www.co.marathon.wi.us/Departments/ParksRecreationForestry/RecreationOpportunities/IceSkatingandHockeyIndoor.aspx