The Brand New Bull Falls Home Brew Depot In Wausau Opens Its Doors

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Wausau now has a store dedicated to the art of making beer, and other beverages.

Bull Falls Home Brew Depot opened its doors today.

The shop is an off-shoot of the successful brewery of the same name, just two blocks away.

Grain, yeast, and water are just some of the ingredients needed to make beer.

And with its opening, Wausau now has a place who's entire business is brewing your own.

"As a person who started out in brewing, brewing at home, there was always the need to get stuff to brew on a Saturday morning," says Mike Zamzow with Bull Falls Brewery.

Mike Zamzow, the brains behind the hugely popular Bull Falls Brewery says with a little thriving business, covering other segments of brewing beer was a logical next step.

But its not only beer and wine, the store also has everything you need to craft a good old fashioned root beer or cream soda.

"We will have vanilla extract for cream soda, root beer and other flavored pops, which are a lot of fun to make at Christmas time," says Zamzow.

Zamzow says with supplies for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the shelves, making the stuff can turn into a hobby for literally anyone.

"We'll have those three markets covered in our store here," says Zamzow.

Also being covered is the 'how to' part, some knowledge that isn't always easy to come by.

"We'll teach them anything they want to know and anyone that's made it and has questions were here for that," says Zamzow.

A recipe that could have more people creating their own drinkable creations in just a matter of weeks.

Bull Falls Home Brew Store is open every day but Monday.

The official grand-opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony will be on Saturday.