Wausau Police Say They're Prepared for a Mass Shooting

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Are police in Northcentral Wisconsin prepared for a mass shooting like the ones at Virginia Tech, an Amish school house, and a Kansas City shopping mall?

The Wausau Police Department says it doesn't matter where you live in the world today - there is a real threat of a mass shooting any where at any time.

That's why officers train for the worst.

"You still need to prepare for such an event because all it takes is one person who is inclined to do that," says Captain Mark Panko.

Officers practice things like self-defense, finding cover and room-clearing once a month.

They say their monthly training will help make their response instantaneous and natural if a shoot-out would occur.

That's because they've practiced being in similar scenarios so many times before.

"We do the best we can to be prepared for whatever threats are going to happen," Panko says. "Training our officers is a top priority, so they're mentally and physically prepared to handle such situations."

They train using shotguns, rifles and handguns every month.

They also receive monthly training on non-lethal weapons, including tasers and pepper spray.