Is Elvis Alive? And Does He Have a Sister?

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She claims to be the sister of the king of rock and roll and she believes Elvis Presley is still alive.

Eliza Presley was adopted at birth and says when she started a mission to find out who her biological parents were, she never imagined her journey would take her to Memphis. What stunned her even more was that after some DNA comparisons, Eliza said she learned she was not only related to Elvis Presley, she was his half-sister.

She claims DNA tests have confirmed she was fathered by Elvis’s dad, Vernon Presley. Even more astounding is that Eliza asserts the tests proving her relation to the king of rock and roll also proves he’s still alive.

She says her DNA was compared to a man claiming to be Elvis, who’s DNA just happens to match both sides of Elvis’s family tree.

"It just took my breath away and I looked at it and I said are you sure and he said oh yeah, there's no doubt about it. I said you have got to be kidding me, this person's my brother,” Eliza "[I] didn't expect it - not by a long shot."

Eliza took it to mean only one thing – Elvis lives.

"For him to turn out to be alive, it's such a blessing and I'm so grateful for that."

Today Eliza say she is thrilled to be able to talk to her brother she never knew she had, although she is not sure the public will ever see or hear from him again.

"I don't know if ultimately he will. I highly doubt it,” Eliza said. “He's tried to live as much of a ‘normal life’ as you can live over the last 32 years."

Eliza says the DNA profiles proving her relation to Elvis are currently under seal in court documents.

She filed a petition in August to have Vernon Presley officially acknowledged as her father.

Friday night Eliza was the featured guest at an Elvis Celebration at the Rib River Ballroom in Marathon.