Price County Sheriff Wallace Krenzke Recalled

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Voters in Price County have elected Republican Brian Schmidt Price County Sheriff, recalling Sheriff Wallace Krenzke from office.

Brian Schmidt is currenly a deputy with the Price County Sheriff's Department, and the President of the Village of Prentice. According to the County Clerk, he could be sworn into office as early as September 2nd.

In July, Krenzke beat out two challengers in the primary recall election to move on as the democratic candidate. Independent Darin Baratka was also on the ballot.

Final results are as follows:
With 44 of 44 Wards Reporting:
Wallace Krenzke (D) 1464
Brian Schmidt (R) 1630
Darin Baratka (I) 315

The election was prompted after residents collected enough signatures to recall Sheriff Krenzke in May.

Citizens and agencies say he mismanaged the search for a 70-year-old woman with dementia by delaying the search and refusing help from outside departments.

The woman was found dead in the woods the next morning.

You can see NewsChannel 7's investigation into that search