A Day in the Life of a Local Friar

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Many of us often wonder what it would be like to walk in someone else's shoes. This special "A Day in the Life" report features a local Friar. The order of Friar Minor Capuchins follow the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi who sought a simplistic lifestyle. Despite many misconceptions when you hear the word, "friar", Father Dan Crosby starts his day like many - with breakfast and a walk.

Father Dan attended Saint Anthony's before the seminary was changed over to a retreat center in the 1970's. It's located in Marathon City. A big part of his day is helping not only those on retreat but members of the community looking for guidance. "There are people who come for this spiritual guidance, that just want to share their journey with someone who understands and lets me open myself up" he says, "Its not theory, lets talk about your life and what's happening"

He says even though St Anthony's is a Catholic institution, they receive - and welcome - people of all beliefs. "Capuchins are one of the Franciscans communities in the church that St. Francis began in the 1200s, many people were inspired by his desire to live the gospels as simply and brotherly as possible. So in 1970, that's when this place was opened up to be a retreat center for everyone who is wanting to have a deeper life with God and themselves, of all faiths."

Father Dan explains what a day in his life is usually like. "I get up ordinarily around 6 o clock, have my breakfast and a jolt of coffee. after that I am fortified to go out for my walk and exercise, i often try to do that do that in our woods because they are so inviting and allow me to continue that spirit of prayer and centering. I do that for about half an hour and come back and have my shower and shave. At 7:30 we have our community morning prayer, then at 8am we have our mass that is open not just for the community but everyone that is here on retreat. Then the rest of the day is taken up with spiritual direction, people coming for help, companioning along their journey with the Lord."

St. Anthony's offers retreats no matter what your beliefs are on topics such as the spirituality of aging, help for recovering alcoholics, and how young adults can find passion in their job. "It's always an inspiration to be allowed into somebody's life." says Father Dan, "I'm not here to tell people how to do it. I'm on this journey too".