Wisconsin man returns meteorite to Arizona

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PHOENIX (AP) -- A meteorite that crashed into Arizona 50,000 years ago has been missing for 40 years -- until now.

A retired General Motors worker from Wisconsin is the reason the 49-pound meteorite has been returned to Meteor Crater in Flagstaff.

Tom Lynch bought what he thought was a piece of scrap at a yard sale three years ago for $10. He used it to weight down a basketball hoop for his grandson.

One day while Lynch was watching the Travel Channel, he began to learn about the mystery of meteorites. He took the chunk to a Milwaukee museum. Staff there sent him to Chicago's Field Museum where scientists determined the odd hunk of metal wasn't a piece of scrap, but the Basket meteorite that was stolen from Flagstaff decades ago.

When Lynch learned it had been stolen, he and his family loaded up the van and drove to Arizona to return the treasure.