Family First: Holistic Treatments for Childhood Illness

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Licensed Physician Assistant Anne Rhody says she's helped cancer patients, kids with ADHD and a number of allergy patients get better by focusing on their nutritional well being.

For Garrett Cummings who struggled to breathe after running in gym class, Rhody suggested that he stop eating refined sugars and stay away from nickel, even having it removed from his braces.

Besides more home-cooked meals, Garrett took some immune system supplements for a short while but he's no longer on any medication for asthma.

Garrett's mother Wendy says, "Before he'd be coughing bad for exercise and when he got into alternative medicine he's doing better, he can run a lot faster."

Rhody's been involved in nutrition research for many years and blames too much sugar in the diet for a host of allergic reactions.

"The average person in the U.S. takes in 150 pounds of sugar a year," says Rhody. "That's how much we're eating."

And as for what we're lacking in the diet, Rhody says healthy, omega three fats found in fish and nuts are known healing foods. She says many parents may worry about trying something not directly prescribed by their family doctor but she says nutritional changes are great first step to look into if you'd rather take a less invasive approach.

Anne says they made dietary changes for her daughter who had signs of Autism and now teachers can hardly notice emotional or behavioral differences. She says her whole family decided to eat more fresh foods and avoid refined sugars.

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"Rather than starting with medication, you can start with simpler intervention, you can make small changes to the diet."

The changes that Garrett made helped him kick asthma, grow taller and gain energy.

"Now I can run the whole mile without even walking."