Lawmaker Who Owns Gun Store Does Not Have a Conflict, Board Says

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A state lawmaker says critics have nothing on him when they question how he can sponsor bills relating to hunting and guns when he owns a store that sells guns.

Rep. Scott Gunderson of Waterford owns Gundy's Sport in Wind Lake, which sells hunting and fishing items.

At the same time, he is sponsoring bills to lower the hunting age to eight and to allow people to carry concealed handguns.

The state Ethics Board agrees that Gunderson doesn't have enough of a financial interest in the proposals to have a conflict. He says his store would not directly benefit from the legislation.

He says his store is small and only sold about 50 guns last year in addition to hunting supplies and ammo.

Gunderson says he's no different from other lawmakers who are farmers, lawyer or doctors who vote on issues affecting their professions.