Junior Olympics Whitewater Competition Wraps This Weekend Up In Wausau

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People from across the country are in Northcentral this weekend for an opportunity to ride the rapids in downtown Wausau.

The Junior Olympics Whitewater competition kicked off Saturday and wrapped up on Sunday.

Kids ages 10 to 18 are hitting the water for a chance to compete the popular annual competition.

14-year-old Will Grubb from Colorado says he's been competing for almost a year and a half.

Grubb says he trains year round for competitions... and this is his first time on Wausau's course.

"I was racing my k 1 kayak which is a single person kayak and I placed really well. 1st in my age group, the kayak cadet. That's probably my biggest award so far."

Grubb says several of his teammates have gone to the Olympic trials and hopes to do the same someday.

The next competition in Wausau Is the Midwest Freestyle Championships in August.