UPDATE: Giant Spider May Have Been Scrapped

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UPDATED: Wed 4:44 PM, Aug 28, 2013

Schultz Recycling in Merrill says the parts of the giant spider from the “Great Spider Invasion” film were bought to their facility weeks ago as scrap metal.

The business could not say who brought the item in to be scrapped as there is an on-going investigation.

The film's director Bill Rebane told the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department the movie prop belonged to him; all though it hasn't yet been verified. Rebane is the person reported the theft.

ORIGINAL STORY: Wed 11:22 AM, Aug 28, 2013

The star of the 1975 film “The Giant Spider Invasion” has been reported as stolen.

The shell of the spider was kept at a property on County Highway J between Irma and Gleason in Lincoln County. The spider's shell is mounted on an old Volkswagon chassis, and the only way to move it would be using a flatbed trailer.

Bill Rebane, the film's director, said the spider was last seen a few weeks ago on trailer in Merill's sixth ward.

“The Giant Spider Invasion” was filmed in Merrill and surrounding areas like Gleason.

If you have any information contact the Lincoln County Crimestoppers at (715) 536-6272.